PREMIERE – Curses – Knife In Teeth (Bordello a Parigi)

The Little Man of Big Deeds approached the cave where the Monster resided. He took one last deep breath before entering, and reminded himself to have no fear. After all, he knew the weak spot of the Monster. While his feet carefully threaded the moss covered rocks, the words of the teachings he received were droning in his mind like a mantra: “Knife in teeth. Knife in teeth”.

@cursesforever’ new EP ’Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back’, to be released on 12 February on @bordelloaparigi, is a perfect introduction to the Berlin-based artist’s multifaceted sound.
Beats orbit burbling bass and brash strings in a work of dreamy hypnotics.
‘Knife in Teeth’ comes from a similarly shadowy lair. Dark bars are further inked by industrial percussion in a track born on the factory floor to strict EBM parents.

Release date – 12/02/18

Text by @kikitoao