PREMIERE – Concret & Iñigo Vontier – Casablanca (Duro)

Duro returns with another international groove showcase on their forever on-point V/A collection. Now three editions deep, the eclectic wide-armed vibe is fast becoming a ‘Muy Duro’ signature as each of the five tracks – courtesy of label friends (old and new) such as Thomas Jackson, Cornelius Doctor, Roe Deer, Concert & Inigo Vontier, Martin Noise & Marzian and the label newcomer Kabinett taking us deep into different corners of the dance floor.

Our selection for today’s premiere is “Casablanca” delivered by two Mexicans (Concret & Inigo Vontier), in a mission to roll out a paranoid tech piece with indigenous percussions synthesized for the enigmatic synth-wave pads that carry us to one of the dark corners of the dance floor.

Release Date: 17/4/2020

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