PREMIERE – Animal Friend – Do Not (AIMES Remix) (Roam Recordings)

The latest Roam Recordings release comes from San Francisco trio Animal Friend led by Jasper Speicher aka Forlove who has previously released the widely acclaimed Missing Persons EP with Roam Recordings. Animal Friend started in California as an 80’s inspired rock band with Kazuko Anne Kimura on vocals, Jake Frautsch (New Spell) carrying the rhythm section, and Jasper Speicher’s production and keys.

Animal Friend’s Do Not single delivers a low slung groove with all the feels – minimal psychedelic vocal stylings, physical/electronic rhythmic underpinnings, and a retro touched synth groove – that come together into sweet and trippy harmony.

The EP comes with two excellent remixes. First up is from the always excellent Brooklyn resident AIMES who delivers his characteristic psychedelic, heart provoking hints of new-wave, italo, and cosmic disco stylings. The second remix comes from Mexican Duo FLXXX who have previously released on Roam separately as Ands Mega and Montessori.

All together the Do Not EP offers a quality set of mid tempo jams that have heart and feel… perfect for daytime parties, beach parties, and dance floors looking for a nice slow burn.