PREMIERE – Adventures In Daydreams – Le Shreik

Sulk Magic  has returned with it’s third collection of left-field recordings. Soon becoming a firm favourite amongst music connoisseurs, its one of the hottest labels of 2017.

This time taking a darker route, this multi-layered six-track EP showcases consistent levels of talent, while still retaining the labels hallmark eccentricity.

Berlin duo Adventures in Daydreams open the V/A with a firm contribution full of polished intricacies before Tkuz bestows his presence with a nefarious industrial chugger in the form of ‘Dagon’

Next up, Mick Clarke’s alias Iron Blu provides ‘Hammerfall’, an effortlessly captivating groover.

Oli Warriner’s ‘Venti’ comes to the fore with its rasping drums and intelligent techno melodies whilst Sigward’s ‘Random Life Render’ takes you through a lo-fidelity dreamscape, opening the emotional airways of the release.

Finally with a rare foray from his prototype, Tronik Youth provides an infectious dark-to-dawn Italo track to close proceedings.

Available exclusively on Juno download from the 22nd May.