PREMIERE – ADMN, Francois Dillinger – Not Sure (Infolines)

Francois Dillinger is first up with Inner Peace, industrial percussion is swiftly layered with sinister synths and vocal haunts. RVP’s Five Conductor is subtle with intricate and hypnotic key patterns, textured with soothing synth lines. Minimal cut Shampoo Dub is up next from Mister Joshooa and Jeremy Kypta, featuring Tree who is owner of the TV Lounge. The infectious bassline and old school sounding vocals make for a blissful journey. ADMN and Francois Dillinger team up for the last track Not Sure, delivering chugging beats amidst an array of percussion, deep pads and trippy FX.

Inspired by the deep electro and techno history of Detroit, Francois Dillinger has released on the likes of Planet E, Rejekt Music and Fanzine Records to name a few. RVP are label founders of Infolines and TV Lounge residents. Releases have appeared on
DEQ, How To Kill Records, My Baby, Planet E and Infolines. Mister Joshooa is another Detroit favorite. Music Director and
resident of TV Lounge, he heads up My Baby Records alongside ATAXIA. Releases have appeared on labels like 2020 Vision,
plus an appearance on Carl Craig’s ‘Detroit Love’ mix album on Planet E.

Another longtime resident of TV Lounge, Jeremy Kypta was born in Wurzburg, Germany but found himself cultured in Detroit.
ADMN leads a multifaceted life as a network engineer, musician, resident at TV Lounge and label owner of Infolines, with releases
on Industry Standard, Audiophile Deep, Creepy Fingers and Anabatic.

Release Date: 25/02/2022

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