PREMIERE – Boys’ Shorts – New Era (Extended Vocal Mix) (Iptamenos Discos)

The latest signing on Local Suicide’s imprint Iptamenos Discos is the Greek DJ / producer duo Boys’ Shorts. They’re delivering their new futuristic EP titled ‘New Era’, which includes remixes from Each Other, Lott & Local Suicide as well as Luca dell’Orso. The duo was founded by Thessaloniki-based artist Vangelis, who runs half of the music blog & label LAGASTA, as well as London-based artist Tareq. With two EPs under their belt (“Looking” and “Together”) they also delivered remixes for artists like Kasper Bjorke, Yuksek w/ Polo & Pan, Dharma, Kito Jempere ft. Wolfram to name a few, whilst their remix for Casey Spooner was included in the Red Hot + Free compilation.

“The track was written during the lockdown period when everything looked so uncertain and scary … We were listening to a lot of music from bands as ‘Japan’ and ‘Visage’, talking about the “New Romantics” era, thinking of what will come after this new reality we’re living in. And so “New Era” came as a result of all the relationships that were reconsidered the last two years, to show the importance of human touch and what really actually matters.” – Boys’ Shorts

Boys’ Shorts and the contributors set out to create a project with the idea of providing a outer worldly experience, that is exactly what they did with each track having its own unique style. ‘New Era’ will be released digitally and on strictly-limited clear 12” Dubplate through Iptamenos Discos on February 25th, 2022.

Release Date: 25/02/2022

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