PREMIERE – Omar Joesoef – It’s the heat in the room (Jonathan Kusuma Phaser Mix) (Hard Fist)

Born and raised in Indonesia, Omar Joesoef built this EP with samples of old records of ethnic music that he has found in an abandoned radio station on Java island. Named Lokananta, it is one of the first radios setting up in Indonesia in the 50’s. The recordings in Omar’s EP come from rituals and meditative chants of one of the last tribes still living in the ancient way, completely disconnected from the modern world.

“It’s the Heat in the Room” track conveys a strong and powerful energy with consistent heavy bassline, snappy snare, groovy percussion ensemble and vocal samples of the Dayak tribe. The song emulates the adrenalin rush one might feel in the middle of a night hunt. Some of the sounds chosen reminds of the echoes that may be experienced in a dark cave when a single stone breaks on the floor.

Fellow Indonesian artist Jonathan Kusuma is on remix duties and delivers a  dark, somewhat eery and mysterious remix that is sure to create intense trance inducing moments on the floor.

Release Date – 10/06/21

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