Oli Warriner – Static I/IV


Nightnoise serves up another great release featuring upcoming talent Oli Warriner, with his first outing on the label.

Meet Oli Warriner; He is one of the newest producers moulding and imprinting their sound down on the scene today.  Originally from Knareborough, he’s been part of Newcastle’s underground music engine since moving there in 2010. Oli has been running a long time to get to the position he is now: toiling away on production, day and night for the past 8 years, picking up decks even earlier than that and the running and organising of a series of secret parties in the city.  An avid record collector with a genre-hopping appetite and a sincere appreciation for old technological authority on production, he has developed his multi-faceted experience into the upcoming producer he is now.


Sinchi Review

The lack of motion assumed by static isn’t a all inherent to a lack of emotion. The slow transfix of the music on its minimalist way offers the spirit a perception that captivates the soul. The pace of the inner self differs from that of the outer self. Static is the coat of change. Through this piece we are taken beyond, to a point of conciliation of the senses.