PREMIERE – Maarten VX – Triggers (feat. Duan Ra)

Emerging Belgian producer Maarten VX announces his third EP. On ‘Drift’ EP, he continues to make profound and compelling electronic deep listening music. Set for release on March 1, the EP is his most personal work yet: the tracks were made at the end of a long-term relationship. With mesmerizing vocals by Duan Ra.

Making music is a form of therapy for Maarten VX. His latest EP Drift was created during the gradual
break-up of a long-term relationship. It was the only constant during this mentally oppressive period: a digital place where emotions could be processed and kept like a diary. “Balancing between dance and deep listening music, Maarten VX makes compelling electronic landscapes
fueled with iPhone recordings and everyday sounds.”

The sound of his third EP therefore reflects the restlessness and agitation of this period. The mood, production and arrangements feel edgy and rough: there is a dark mood and a yearning for the lost connection. The productions include multiple iPhone recordings, samples and references to his
temporary places of residence.

The single ‘Triggers’ is about romanticizing the other person in an impending break-up. It’s about the path of least resistance: although breaking up would be better, one still keeps returning to the status quo, like an endless cyclical movement in ones mind. Duan Ra’s voice embraces this repetitiveness: his spoken words are carried by a cloud of dreamy synths and real-world noise.

Release Date – 01/03/23

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