PREMIERE – A-Tweed x Oltrefuturo – Highlands (Multi Culti)

A-Tweed x Oltrefuturo are an Italian electronic music duo focusing on experimental and wild dancefloor tunes.
Working both with analog/modular synths and digital FM machines, they also are two deep diggers of odd stuff to sample and mix in their tracks. Their music has a dark and tribal acid/weird attitude with no bpm limits, ranging from slow rhythms to UK-style breaks.

They released their first EP “Morphism” in December 2022 via Mexican imprint “Fauna Rêve” and has collected also appearances on Hard Fist, Whypeopledance, Electric Shapes, Gouranga and also on Sinchi… with some original tracks and edits.

They like to define themselves as an odd rhythm company, a weird/ experimental human-based duo messing around with hardware synths and schizophrenic rare samples. 

Release Date – 06/02/23

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