Losing one of the dots

Very sad to hear about the loss of a hugely influential DJ of a specific period ( for myself at least ) Mr Colin Faver. I have wonderful memories of my weekly trips to London where my partner at the time would have lovingly recorded Colin Faver / Colin Dales , KISSFM show onto cassette  ( no less ) which I would receive and analyse before heading into Fat Cat records to pick up whatever vinyl I could.

You could do a lot worse than spend some of your time having a listen to this mix posted by Mr C ( another underrated legend ) and joining a few more dots to things you may or may not have experienced , whilst all the music is great and holds different memories, it’s about 1 1/2 hours in that captures the period of his influence on me. ¬†There is no comparable sense or art that transports you into a moment like music , and this mix reminded me of some wonderful long lost adventures.

Into the universe Mr Faver !

Mr C Colin Faver tribute

And here’s a nice bit of background to enlarge the picture of this man :


Colin Faver