Joining the dots

Continuing the exploration of my Vinyl stash, today’s random selection reminds me of the meaning of the word ‘genius’. Too many great words these days are used out of context to describe everyday things … As an example the word ‘Awesome’ is thrown around in relation to things that truly are anything but … I relate this to the shortening span of attention we have in an world where time grows smaller and information increases … The only way one can draw attention to the otherwise average requires the use of tags that should be reserved and revered for their true intention.

So I use the tag ‘Genius’ in its truest sense :

Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

I apply this to the artist known commonly as Aphex Twin.

Here I post one of his tracks released on vinyl as a series under the name of AFX … Go search him out in his entirety and you will hopefully arrive at the same conclusion :