La Mverte – The Inner Out (In Aeternam Vale remix) (Her Majesty’s Ship)

La Mverte ’s October 2017 album ‘The Inner Out’ now gets some carefully commissioned remix treatment on Her Majestys Ship from exciting artists Matias Aguayo, In Aeternam Vale and La Mverte himself.

The album, ‘The Inner Out’, was a unique mix of industrial, disco, new wave and Italo that marked another high point in the Paris producer’s discography. Three of the key tracks from it now get fresh reinterpretations that bring plenty of heat to the dance floor.

In In Aeternam Vale is rooted in punk-rock nihilism, Kraftwerk coldness and aggressive industrialism, and has been since the eighties. His arresting take on ‘The Inner Out’ has a wild spirit. Flailing synths and bleeping keys bring a rave element to the dehumanised vocals while strobe lit grooves and stiff stabs make this one brilliantly muscular and macho.

These are three wonderfully club focused tracks that deal in plenty of rawness and grit.

Release Date – 08/06/18

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