JP Soul – Debut Album – Party On

JP Soul is DJ/Producer from San Francisco most known for his recent prolific streak of productions on his label Roam Recordings and his creative and moving DJ sets that journey through disco and edgier electronic sounds. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Anthony Mansfield, 40 Thieves, and Sleazy McQueen. Roam has been operating out of San Francisco for over fifteen years. Once a small local label featuring forward thinking producers hailing from the Bay Area, It has since grown to become home to international year crew of top tier underground dance music talent.

JP Soul

Roam Recordings

Sinchi reviews ‘Party On’ album

As the life of man is divided in different stages, (infancy, childhood, adulthood, etc.) these pieces come together as the anachronistic stages of the whole’s existence, with a spirit born of them combined, coexisting under a unified work.

‘Push n Pull’, has the old school swag and dignity of the golden past, the ghost of youth.  ‘Mind Control’, a postal of impersonal hysteria, where consciousness is constrained and nature’s instinct invited. One of our favourites ‘Waiting For All The Right Gear’, , carries the spirit of minimalism, where the words and concepts are limited towards the efficiency of the speech and liberty of expression. Then the title track ‘Party On’… the ruins of the great architecture transmitted by the emotional and grave cadence of the chords.

Big thumbs up from us and one to watch. We’ve had a sneak preview of some future releases coming up this year and they’re not to be missed.