PREMIERE – Gionist & Turgi – Konnakol (New Day Everyday)

New Day Everyday kicks off in early 2021 with their debut compilation that brings forward the roots and essence of their musical sphere. 

Starting off with rocknrollish Sebastian Tex’s  ‘Hisdraya’ that sets you on the right frequency,  Astroloop and his track ‘Dizziness’ to get you into a dancing mood,  tension inducing vibes with the Mexican ‘King Of Trassh’ Thomass Jackson and his dark cinematic synths. The our pick of the comp ‘Konnakol’ is a tornado of a track coming from upcoming Israelis Gionist & Turgi. In the other half of the compilation, there is an acid extravaganza in ‘The Pi and the Pedestal’ by  Zillas On Acid,  a romantic expansion and a kiss by Skelesys ‘Do It Again’ and finally a stormy farewell with Junto Club lovely reinterpretation of ‘Son Of A Gun’ by the labels bosses Niv Ast & Eliezer. 

It’s a hell of a trip and it’s worth it. 

Release Date – 05/03/21

Grab your copy here