FLVN -Orasol Fate

The NightNoise Family end of year label sampler, showcases 6 artists and diverse offerings.

(6 of 6) Last but not least… our pick of the sampler – FLVN

From Bordeaux, FLVN’s musical influences started as a young boy listening to his family’s collection of Bowie, Supertramp and Radiohead. It wasn’t long before he was DJing and immediately fell in love with clubbing culture. Production was the next logical progression and you can hear early influences in his work with heavy basslines courtesy of Soviet Soviet and Sonic Youth’s obscure riffs.


Orasol Fate

Standing still, at the edge, in the chamber of the volatile. Expectancy and anxiety delivered by the digital mimic of what comes to perception as a voice of odd origin. The distorted guitar helps bringing stability to this new form of confort zone, where rules are being questioned.