PREMIERE – Alejandro Molinari – Rodeo (Teniente Castillo Feat. Skelesys Remix) (Playground Records)

Playground returns with 3 fresh originals from the Venezuelan, Berlin based, Alejandro Molinari supported by a stellar 3 remixes from Mijo, Middle Sky Boom and Teniente Castillo featuring Skelesys. An Ep loaded with mysterious voices, rocker beats and dark landscapes.

The first track of this launch is ‘Kann Dich Heilen’, groovy, dark, trippy and freak. A fat bassline walk all around the track, walk in a journey through an Arabic desert marked by hypnotic synth which works as a pad for a voice who follow as during this pleasurable trip.

With the second track ‘Rodeo’, the things gets serious, the trip becomes tough, the deserts is transformed in concrete. Fog in cold streets. Boots and leathers jackets are around the corner. A snare hits hard. A melancholic voice appears. The rock is here.

Teniente Castillo invited Skelesys to join on his remix and when that happens the result never fails, and this is no exception. Percussion accompany a cool bassline until guitars appear to convert the landscape in a rock and roll ritual. The voices are displaced in the background but still do not stop providing mystery.

Release Date – 17/12/19

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