Agharo is a philosophy, language, art all rolled into one.
Created by Jaco Perroud, a member of Sinchi Collective.
Each month we invite a guest to pick a card at random and create a mix inspired by its meaning.


Guardian of Knowledge

Rombout Wagenaar


The Guardian of Knowledge brightens our path, symbolised as a ray of light that appears breaking the obscurity we’re immersed in. We are awakened to what we need to see. We’re given the key to unlock the doors that hold us back from progress. We grow wiser within and without. The Guardian protects us from false knowledge and misgiving information, from treacherous knowledge, from doubt based on obscurity of perception. The Guardian is known in the days of the Great War as Luberien. In his memory – vast as no other– is gathered the knowledge of every living man. Good understanding, truth, news, reflection, pleasant memories. Knowledge for good, impartiality, learning, information as key. To know is to evolve.
Guardian Of Knowledge


Fifth in the series is Rombout Wagenaar of the Shamaniac Movement . The Shamaniac Movement is a shamanic art and music project by Kiki Toao & Rombout, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Since about two years i have an enormous craving for knowledge about all kinds of topics, like: history, politics, culture & religion and the last couple of months its been boiling down into a certain direction for which i’m very happy because before that it was so random that i was just absorbing everything which contained letters, from street signs to reading subtitles a million times when a movie or series is put on pause. This obsessive behaviour started to worry me and i tried through meditation to find more direction or clarity, this helped a little bit and reading some of Graham Hancock’s books also formed a clearer picture of where to look. But since i pulled the card from the Agharo deck it all started to make sense and since then i know where to go. So i used this process for the mix and i can tell you doing it in this context is next level, slowly picking out music has been ok but actually starting was a real deal because i knew/felt that its going to be one hell of a magical trip but one night i went to bed tired and uninspired after trying to make music and of course as soon I put my head on my pillow like Lego or a puzzle or better yet Tetris the whole first +- 30 min formed in my head with loops, quotes, fx, songs and transitions everything, oooo so annoying, i thought about getting up to write everything down but i knew i would be up for hours so i just went to sleep. Luckily when i got up the next morning I remembered a lot of these things so i wrote them down. When i finally started to build the mix it all fell into place and i just went on and on until it was finished, it’s no standard dj mix but a mega-mashup with all kinds of bit’s & piece’s from all kinds of music from all over the world and i’m really happy with it so enjoy my musical journey inspired by The Guardian of Knowledge.