PREMIERE – Zimmer – Rey (Gerd Janson Extended Mix) (Roche Musique)

One year after the landing of his long-awaited eponymous debut album, French producer Zimmer is back with a massive remix package to make the pleasure last, and he’s certainly put on a great spread for the occasion.

Up on duty for this second round of synth-splattered, stargazing goodies, we find none other than Herr Gerd Janson in the saddle for a pair of ‘short’ and ‘extended’ dance versions, expert vibist Lauer, Mexican outfit Zombies In Miami, US-based producer Amtrac, with French clique homeboys Kendal and You Man completing the set.

All synths blazing, Gerd Janson gets the ball rolling with a pair of prismatic reworks of ‘Rey’, tailored to take the dancers on a wildly fun and light-hearted space jaunt. No need for an intro, the ’short edit’ goes straight for the audio G-spot and takes no byway to get its point across – pure mellifluous, horizon-widening dancefloor carefreeness on the menu. Don’t get too easily distracted by its title, the ‘extended version’ is no basement creeper but rather an enhanced summer-flavored earworm that lays further emphasis on the drums and bass for optimal peak time functionality.

Release Date – 09/10/20

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