PREMIERE – World Wild Web – The Best is yet to Come (Planet Dust)

Enter Planet Dust’s next release is a debut album, courtesy of Manuel Jesus aka World Wild Web. His debut LP will follow lead single Cursed Fruits which drops on March 31st.

World Wild Web’s organ, guitar and drum machine-led music nods to the global Cosmic continuum, and explores themes of anxiety, overconsumption and Web 3.0. The album features creative and catchy vocal dance tracks in both English and French (Colony, La Nuit, Je Mange Des Animaux, The Best Is Yet To Come), scrappy guitar anthems (Pills, Don’t Quit!, Scrolling) and exotic Cosmic joints aplenty (PA 2, M-Gola, Druid Dance). We at Planet Dust are reminded of the likes of Suicide, Rizan Sa’id, DJ Stefan Egger and more.

Release Date – 31/04/23

Grab your copy here