PREMIERE – Wolfstream – Eastwood (Balam Remix) (Playground)

‘Eastwood’ is the 25th release on Playground and comes courtesy of Russian duo Wolfstream. Here he serves up 4 originals plus two remixes by La Mverte and Balam.

Sympathy for the devil, love for the strong bass, weakness for the detuned toms. ‘Eastwood’ is a forest of strange lumbers, of barks that dry and fall, of leaves that reflect the sun in silver and gold foliage. A mountain valley where sounds create mystery and joy at the same time. ‘Eastwood’ is a town where no one remembers the names of the streets, where memory does not count because time is worthless.

The remix on this track comes from Playground family member  Balam,  who takes the track to a jungle somewhere in outer space. The percussions argue with the bass while a macabre synthesizer plays with us. Voices appear as calls from other worlds, acid modulations distort reality and madness takes control.

Release Date – 25/02/20

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