PREMIERE – Undo – The Red Shoes (Factor City Records)

On March 7, 2020, Undo played for the last time before the pandemic forced stay-at-home-orders. It was a party celebrating the first anniversary of a Murcia’s collective called “Estrasburgo 1518″.

In that year, in Strasbourg, there was a dance epidemic, or dance plague, as it happened in other places and years in Europe during the Middle Age. Stories such as “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” or “The Red Shoes” emerge from these inexplicable but well-documented outbreaks of dance.

And from that story takes the title track “The Red Shoes” . A mental track built on dislocated breaks and samples and made to dance fervently, like the heroine of the tale after putting on her red shoes.

Release Date – 22/04/21

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