PREMIERE – Ulises Arrieta- Interpol( Heidenreich Remix) (HEARec)

Ulises Arrieta is a young producer, DJ and live performer from Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico. Originally experimenting with techno and house, lately he developed a unique style gathering influences from Indie Dance and Dark Disco to cook distinguishable and twirling hits.

Having  releases on labels such as Nein Records, Espacio Cielo, Phisica and a great number of remixes and V.A. participations… including HEARec’s own V.A. Compilation Vol. 5 where he contributed with CIsne Negro.

He now lands finally on HEARec with a complete EP, the project is called ‘Interpol’ and features two original  tracks, plus  two  quality remixes by Heindenreich from Berlin and Mishell from Tel-Aviv.

Release Date – 08/09/22

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