PREMIERE – Theodora – Go (Justine Forever remix) (Theodora Project)

Theodora’s enchanting debut album ‘Too Much For One Heart’ has been remixed by a tasteful selection of contemporary artists including Massimiliano Pagliara, Sigmar, Grand Yellow and Romane Santarelli.

‘Too Much For One Heart’ was a hugely successful chronicle of Theodora’s twenties. It was enriched with memories, dreams and personal encounters and confirmed the artist to be a truly unique talent. This fantastic new selection of remixes re-invents the material for different settings.

French-born, classically trained musician Justine Forever goes first. She is part of the Deux Control project with Rodion, has released on Relish and has her debut album forthcoming on Her Majesty’s Ship Records. Her take on ‘Go’ is a mid-tempo groover with cosmic melodies and icy synths that lock you in. The steamy vocals bring an all-important human touch to this timeless track.

Other remixers include Massimiliano Pagliara, Sigmar, Grand Yellow and Romane Santarelli and Lariviere. The full package is a dynamic selection of remixes that brings plenty of fresh perspective to Theodora’s original sounds.

Release Date – 05/11/21

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