Sinchi & Friends 102 – System Olympia (Enchanted Summer Nights Mix)

We were blown away by System Olympia’s recent album on Huntley + Palmers, so much so we invited her to join the Sinchi & Friends series to tell us a bit more about what makes her tick, inspirations and whats been on her playlist in the last months.  She has also delivered a perfect mix for enjoying the end of summer. In her own words… ‘I’m currently away on holiday, and feeling very romantic, so I’ve put together a soundtrack for a forever lasting summer fling and called it ‘Enchanted Summer Nights Mix’.

1) Introduce yourself?

My name is Francesca, in art ‘System Olympia’. I am a music producer, beat-maker, DJ, and I have a radio show on NTS Radio.

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

I’ve had many but the one that comes to my mind right now is having been to the Sahara Desert. Seeing my son rolling down dunes that seemed infinite, and sleeping there at night and expecting the sand waves to make ocean sounds, but them being totally silent instead.

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year?

Nothing. I don’t think in yearly terms, I break my life down into small precious moments that most of the time catch me by surprise – even if they are the exact manifestation of what i want.

4) Do you have a favourite track in the podcast?

I like the last song a lot. “Then you can tell me goodbye”.

I love how in a very simple way describes the best – and my favourite way – of living a love story : immensely intensively, going out like you have nothing to lose and like it’s the only one love that will ever matter- but then if it doesn’t work out, you can tell me goodbye and i’ll move on and restart again like it’s a whole entire new universe cycle and you never existed.

5) What tracks have really stood out for you in the last year and why?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Isley Brothers, Blood Orange, Alice Coltrane and lots of old scores of Italian movies. They all have melodies and chords progressions that I find incredibly emotionally moving.

6) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

I like people that don’t split their stage persona from their real life.

I look up to people that live their life as one big piece of art that never quits – like Prince, Rick James, etc.

Thinking of Prince walking around at home in high heels gives me a great deal of comfort and keeps me inspired to create.

7) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for?


8) What is your favourite Venue or Festival to play at and why?

Berghain and some other clubs in Berlin because I feel they allow total creative freedom, mixed with a high sexual tension. Perfect environment for me.

9) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

I drink alcohol. To get into the mood before the set, and to keep partying after.

10) What is your favourite bit of kit? 

Right now it’s Roland Juno G.

11) What is your favourite film score?

I’ve just watched 4 hours of “Once Upon A Time In America” and I must say it was the first time where I felt the music made 90% of the film.

I’ve also always loved “Lost In Translation” soundtrack – my cover of one of the songs featured in the movie just came out on my last LP “Delta Of Venus”.

12) What makes you smile?

Finding cute text messages on my phone when I open my eyes in the morning.