PREMIERE – Speakwave – Cartographic Venture (Bordello)

For twenty years, Dynarec has been pushing the boundaries of electro on some of the best known labels. Little will his listeners know, there is another side to this prolific French producer’s machines. Speakwave is a lesser known, and heard, moniker of this analogue artist and the debut vinyl release of this nom de plume is set for release on Bordello A Parigi. Fans of the Dynarec sound are treated to the same wonderous compositions and melodic structures with something else added. “Cartographic Venture” is a ten minute introduction to this new style. Crisp drum patterns support cold flourishes and stabbing synthlines before distant vocals arrive. The track balances the frostier edges of electronics and wave to create a lonesome and longing synth pop ballad. “Coming On Monday” has a different energy. The pop element of the predecessor remains, lyrics are vocoder dipped while confident key shifts are countered by strong rhythm patterns. The closer, like the 12”, defies definition. Burbling notes and sharp snares give an edge to “Exposition To Revolution”, but there is also a more inviting nurturing side coming through in the spiralling skyward melody. A release that shows another fascinating side of this multifaceted musician.

Release Date – May 2023

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