Sinchi & Friends 74 – Fabrizio Mammarella and Franz Scala

Sinchi & Friends 71 is a special one with Italians Fabrizio Mammarella and Franz Scala going b2b and interviewing each other for this feature. The duo who together run acclaimed Slow Motion Records, which also incorporates sub label Wrong Era.

Founded in 2009 and now based between Italy and Berlin, Slow Motion Records is a purveyor of the best Italian producers from London to Shanghai and New York to Milan. The label elevates the Italian dance music at all latitudes, whilst remaining true to the heritage and feels of the vibe that has filled dance floors for the last 30 years. This style has attracted producers around the world who have inherited the movement and made it their own.

Get a taste for what the label represents via the mix below.

Franz to Fabrizio

Did you enjoy your latest meal?

As I write this, I have just arrived in Mexico City and I just had a taco feast which I’ve been missing for the past year since last being in the country. I went with our friends Rodion and Mijo to “Los Milanesos” for probably the best breakfast of my life.

If you are out with friends and you are not talking about music, what’s your favourite topic?

I hardly talk about music when I go out with friends, it’s my job and I have enough of it at the end of the day, so I talk about anything else but music. Topics can go from dental surgery techniques to vintage Italian serial killers.

How many remixes have you done? Whats your latest?

Discogs says 80 (including all the projects I’m involved) there’s 4 remixes for Front De Cadeaux just out on Slow Motion Records, one for Jennifer Touch on Riotvan, one for Planet funk, one for Italian electronic pop artist Cosmo and one for Wrong Era coming soon.

Now that you have been a while in the disco world, do you feel old in the clubs?

Sometimes when the crowd is very young I think about that, fortunately most of the time the crowd is my age so I’m safe. Moreover I see people like Daniele Baldelli or Alexander Robotnick that are much older than me and still killing it every time, would love to be around as long as them!

Almost 15 years ago, Chieti, Italy, a golf club. What comes to your mind?

That’s the first parties we made together Franz! I’m still very proud we managed to throw parties like that back in the days where we took care of music and visuals very carefully, it was something very new back then in a small city in the centre of Italy.

Once you decided to do a weird installation putting a cross in the middle of the golf field, the cross was surrounded by flames and used by a girl to do pole dancing. The day after the Golf Club managers found the burnt field and the cross and thought we had done a satanic rite or something like that.

That was our last party there.

Fabrizio to Franz

How did you become so good at closing sets / play late hours, looks like it’s your specialty, why is that?

It is more a virtue of necessity because since I moved to Berlin, I have promoted many events and you know the early hours you’re always busy to settle the party than the main guest has the central slot and the only possibility left to show off is the closing. I than started to love playing that slot and for me it has always been a challenge to try to give something musically different to the crowd from the others dj’s and keep the floor vibe as long as possible.

If you have to associate Slow Motion & Wrong Era to an Italian dish, what would they be?

Let me think… Slow Motion will be pizza Margherita the original 100% Italian you can ́t miss that, and Wrong Era will be a nice traditional Italian sausage, Italian do it at the best but you can definitely find nice sausage all around the world or? (hehe)

Why do you always forget the questions you had in mind the moment you call me on the phone?

Sorry Fabrizio what was the question?? hehe there is always too many things going on and if I call you with a purpose we always start to talk about some different topic then sometimes many different topics, then.. what was the question??

Pick 5 dream artists you’d like to team up for a future Slow Motion releases?

Let ́s go 80 ́s than with Man Parrish, John Carpenter, Alexander Robotnick, Arthur Baker and Jan Hammer, then we cover all the 80 ́s music fields and it will be a hit!

What are you up to next? (gigs, travels, releases, more kids, more wives)

I ́m touring Mexico for a 2 months extended vacation with my family, best way to escape the Berlin winter. will do a couple of weekend tours in the main cities and clubs while I’m there and we just had the second Italorama night in Panorama Bar with some Italo legends. Release wise I had one come out in February on MM Discos and one coming later on Cocktail d ́Amore’s edit label Cockring d ́Amore, also a couple of remixes will be coming soon on Wrong Era too.