Sinchi & Friends 55 – Moo Moonster

Sinchi & Friends 55 is Moo Monster from Spain. As a DJ, making a name for himself playing in many of the top clubs around the country. Whilst as a producer putting out tracks on Tom Tom Disco, Spa in Disco and Italiand Rec. He had quiet 17 but he’s back with a bang in 2018.


1) Who are you?

Hi, i´m Moo Moonster, a young italo disco producer that love synths

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

Not much, I’ve been locked up in the studio redesigning it. Plus work and daily life,  it didn’t leave time for much else.

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year?

I will release my second Ep, this time on Nein Records, with 2 original tracks and remixes coming from 3 great producers. Then a pair of remixes from me, one of which for Shara Music, a label that I love to work with.


4) What can you tell us about this mix? What was its inspiration?

I always prepare the mixes with the image of  playing in a club , it only depends on the hour or the club

5) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

Happens to me that every month I have a new favorite song, but in this mix I love the Cosmo Vitelli original track, it is a massive bomb.

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?

The Nile Blue – I love this life

7) What is the last record you bought?

Lcd Soundsystem – This is happening (san valentines gift)

8) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

Serge Santiago

9) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

Smoke a joint before and after

10) Who is your favourite DJ?

Dewaele Brothers

11) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for?

Rather than djs I’m going to talk about a collective formed by djs, one of them is Discoteca formed by Eder Crocket and Fer Xplosion, two djs based in Madrid, with a great taste and their parties have a fantastic programming with “Top disco djs” . Another is The Basement in Valencia, another collective of djs with a cutting-edge and modern vision, and with such great parties like “Dias de Campo”.

Finally, I recommend a young Murcian dj called Petrvs, I hope to give some attention, mainly as his city is too thug for underground music.


12) Best advice for anyone coming into the scene, either as a Producer, DJ or Promoter?

Work hard, stay focused. Don’t get distracted by the smoke sellers, they are everywhere.

13) Do you think there is inequality or disbalance in dance music, whether it is gender or race? If yes, what do think can be done?

Currently this is changing much, today there are many projects to promote it in Spain, like: “Herbeats” or “MIM” dedicated to more giving presence to women within the music industry, or the festivals BIME (Spain) or Mutek (Canada) are committed to the equality in their festivals. I think that does not assume the superiority of women currently is retrograde but it is also tiresome to continue the war of sexes.

14) Do you think the gap between the mainstream and the underground is getting closer or further apart? Is this a good or bad thing

It is important that there is a difference, in the past I arrived to electronic underground music thanks to groups such as Orbital, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, and now, in this days you get to it through the EDM. The difference is important on all kind of levels, but this separation exists only in the music.

15) What’s your opinion on the importance of roots , traditions, respecting originals and sources? Should all music be open source and open to editing or do you think cultural and artistic misappropriation is an issue?

I’ve done edits, always with the aim of improving them for the dancefloor, but you always have to recognize where the original work comes from.

16) Due to developments in technology and software, there is so much which can be done to change a track to the tiniest detail, how much do you use this in your sets? Can too much technology be a bad thing?

I don’t use a computer mainly because I like to mix and I don’t need machines making it for me. It can be too perfect with minimal effort.


17) Favourite art besides music? Photography

18) Favourite writer / scientist / painter / philospher? Luis Costa/Sheldom Cooper/Hopper/Nietchze

19) Favourite out of genre music? Jazz

20) Favourite film score? Donnie Darko

21) Favourite bit of kit? Uffff difficult

22) Secret studio / DJ trick? Casio Cz1/Mixer with effects and Hi pass filter :

23) Guilty Pleasure? Sitting on my terrace enjoying the Sun, a coke and a joint

24) One piece of music you can’t stand? Any song produced by a Ghost producer

25) Favourite way to unwind? A little visit to Navahonda (Avila)

26) If to live in a lost civilization or culture, which one would it be? I think that if I can choose, I would love to live in the 80s, in Madrid in the moment of explosion called “Movida Madrileña”.

27) Blissful ignorance or harsh reality? Currently the harsh reality, since that ignorance has created beasts in social media or smoke sellers.

28) What makes you smile? See my girlfriend smile or any Gene Wilder movie

29)Ultimate aspiration in life? Be happy.