Sinchi & Friends 50 – Tala Drum Corps

Sinchi & Friends 50 is Tala Drum Corps . We caught up with Tijmen at Atlas Electronic in Marrakech this summer where he rocked the Red Light Radio stage. Its kind of hard to describe his sound, so we were happy he could tell us a bit about his inspiration ‘ I’m looking for a kind of tension between nature/weird0o and Electro-ish break tracks. Also I really wanted to play some new bought records; for instance the DJ Python album. Amazing stuff’


1)Who are you?

Hi, I’m Tala Drum Corps, a dj/producer from Utrecht, NL. 
What more to say 🙂

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

Last 12 months have been so much fun! About a year ago I graduated from Art academy in Utrecht (HKU) and from then on I got to focus on playing and making music more and more. I got to know the lovely people of Strange Sounds From Beyond and was invited to play at Atlas Electronic in Marrakech (Morocco). Feeling mostly thankful the past 12 months haha.


3) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

That has to be Paradise 3001 – Low Sun in Dub. The track sets a unique vibe and is really fun to mixxxx

4) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?

That’s a hard question, it really depends on the moment.

Not so long ago I sent my friend Woody some new material and he sent me a youtube link of Glenn Beverly Copeland – Sunset Village. It totally blew my mind, the beautiful voice in combination with the ‘preset’ keyboard sounds is pure gold. I actually checked my iTunes most listened and this album was way on top.

5) What is the last record you bought?

Hahaha well, the Glenn Beverly Copeland record “keyboard fantasies” I mentioned above was reissued recently so I picked it up last week.

6) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

Ryuichi Sakamoto and the whole YMO squad

7) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

I often bring a banana to a gig, and I eat it while spinning.

8) Who is your favourite DJ? 

My friend Luke Cohlen, maybe it’s because our tastes don’t differ too much but he’s a constant inspiration. When he plays you can see him enjoy and vibe to the max, even while playing some mellow stuff.
Also he’s a quality digger! I got to know the Paradise 3001 track through him too 

9) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for?

Luke Cohlen – Obviously 🙂

Mata Hari – we’ve spent hours sending each other music on Facebook. And she surprises me every time!

Ciel – 
Happily stumbled upon her mix for Sanpo Disco, you should def check it out.

I also wanted to mention Upsammy, But I see she already did an amazing mix haha

10) Do you think there is inequality or misbalance in dance music, whether it is gender or race? If yes, what do think can be done?

Definitely! And we should talk about it, and more importantly: take action.
1. Create a setting for your party which is a safe space for everyone.
2. Look outside your bubble for dj’s and acts; there’s always more.

Since the clubscene is also a friends thing/community/bubble it’s important to force yourself to look outside of your bubble. By broadening your view you will stumble upon amazing dj’s and producers. Give them a platform and they’ll grow, flourish and function as role-models for a new generation. I hope we can even the scales, there’s some mad talented people out there that deserve way more attention.

~ let’s work on it ~