Sinchi & Friends 42 – Nein Records

Sinchi & Friends 42 comes from one of our favourite labels UK based Nein Records ran by Neil Parnell (aka Tronik Youth) and Ian Considine. This mix from Neil showcases some of their recent releases and a number of unreleased gems. Cementing their position at the forefront of the underground Indie / Nu-Disco and Techno scene for discerning music lovers.


1) Who are you?

We are Nein records started a few years ago and releasing club music with dark energy

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

Being able to introduce people to amazing new artists and helping those artists grow and develop

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year?

Albums from Two Mamarrachos and also Tunnel Signs…plus a ton of amazing singles


4) What can you tell us about this mix? What was its inspiration?

To showcase the diverse and great stuff coming on Nein in the next 6 months

5) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

I love em all because I had to before I sign them, opening track is special from two kids from Berlin called Coco Monad who have a killer ep coming for us.

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?

Prob the Pardon Moi e.p, I heard a rough demo of outside the inside and fell in love with it straight away

7) What is the last record you bought?

Blade Runner picture disc on Vinyl and Switchdance new lp on digital

8) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

EBM….dark eighties shit, synth pop, sleazy disco…you can hear all that in all we release

9) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

Just to keep focused and keep the energy up

10) Who is your favourite DJ? Not including yourself 😉

Daniele Baldelli is an eternal favorite…was such an honour for us to release an ep from him

11) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for? Coco Monad from Berlin I Mentioned before, olsvlanger from Tel Aviv, amazing young producer and DJ wise Dora Pan my friend from Berlin too, she is one to watch


12) Best advice for anyone coming into the scene, either as a Producer, DJ or Promoter?

Listen to as much music and watch lots of djs playing…so many people start dj’ing and then never go out anymore…you can’t understand a dance floor if you are never on it

13) Do you think there is inequality or misbalance in dance music, whether it is gender or race? If yes, what do think can be done?

There def needs to be a better gender balance…we have a few female artists on Nein and I’d love more…think its even tougher for women dj wise…you gotta be twice as committed and push twice as hard to get in the door and that’s bullshit.

14) Do you think the gap between the mainstream and the underground is getting closer or further apart? Is this a good or bad thing?

We are underground at nein, I think as soon as 2 or 3 thousand people plus people are coming to see you dj and your flying first class around the world…your not really underground anymore…that’s not to say your not good or playing cool music. But its hardly sweaty basement vibes anymore

15) What’s your opinion on the importance of roots , traditions, respecting originals and sources? Should all music be open source and open to editing or do you think cultural and artistic misappropriation is an issue?

I think if your respectful and doing something original then its cool…house and techno is built on the back of disco and synth pop….its always been there

16) Due to developments in technology and software, there is so much which can be done to change a track to the tiniest detail, how much do you use this in your sets? Can too much technology be a bad thing?

I think at the end of the day its just a tool…if it makes it a more special event then use it..if its just been used for the sake of it,….then no


17) Favourite art besides music? Literature

18) Favourite writer / scientist / painter / philospher? Orwell/Malevich/

19) Favourite out of genre music? Dance

20) Favourite film score? Blade Runner

21) Favourite bit of kit? Moog 37

22) Secret studio / DJ trick? Take shit away

23) Guilty Pleasure? Mcds

24) One piece of music you can’t stand? Autotune europop shit

25) Favourite way to unwind? Watch us comedy news shows….john oliver is a god

26) If to live in a lost civilization or culture, which one would it be? Atlantis…under water fun

27) Blissful ignorance or harsh reality? Harsh reality

28) What makes you smile? a fresh cup of earl grey and people dancing

29) Ultimate aspiration in life? To have put out some great music and art