Sinchi & Friends 28 – Dar Adal

Next up in the Sinchi series is Dar Adal. Romania seems to be a real hotbed of talent at the moment and Radu is certainly one to watch. Playing an eclectic mixture of new sounds and genres ranging from Detroit techno or Chicago house to ghostly yet mesmerising psychedelic-infused tunes influenced by 80′s synthetic disco. Check out the mix and hear from the man himself below.


1) Who are you? Hi! I am Radu, Bucharest based, DJing since 2012, genetics enthusiast and tax contributor. And I love my mom.

2) How would you describe your sound? Ghostly psychedelic-infused tunes influenced by 80s synthetic disco.

3) What are your plans for 2016? It’s November and 2016 has been quite awesome so far. Had some great gigs along with my crew (XIOUX), played at the best festival for electronic music in Bucharest (Rokolectiv) and even travelled to Lisbon, where I was thrilled to play at one of the coolest venues in town (Musicbox).


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now? Mustang – Nebula

5) What was the last record you bought? I’m 100% digital, but the last record I bought must have been Tenhi ‎– Väre (an amazing Finnish band that plays some dark neofolk music).

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months? Nhar – Kartveli (Fairmont Remix)


7) Secret studio trick? Keep off and let producers do their thing.

8) Favourite writer / poet ? Julio Cortázar

9) Favourite out of genre music? Pretentious or not: Baroque music

10) Favourite film score? Clint Mansell: The Fountain OST

11) Future of electronic music? Ben UFO taking over the world

12) One thing you’d most like to change about the world? Donald Trump

13) A god(s)? Berghain’s bouncer

14) Favourite art besides music? Photography

15) A necessary evil… Work