Sinchi & Friends 27 – Clandestino

Number 27 in the Sinchi & Friends series is Clandestino . A trio of DJs, promoters and producers – Joe Morris, Nick Smith and Iain Mac. We’ve been big fans of their radio show and podcasts for sometime, so delighted to have them on board. This splendid mix was made by Iain but we hear from all three of them in the interview below.


1) Who are you?
We are Clandestino. We’re based in Leeds, where we make music, DJ, promote the occasional club night, run a podcast, do a monthly radio show & we’ve also just launched our own record label.

2) How would you describe your sound?
Joe: We’re still figuring out how best to describe it! If anyone can put an amalgamation of disco, house, balearic, afro, acid, techno and other leftfield electronic dance-able sounds into a bitesize media-friendly word can you let us know?
Iain: Random House?
Nick: Somewhere at the point where house, disco, acid, balearic meet is as best as I can to describe it.

3) What are your plans for 2016?
Joe: To get to the end of it without being found out
Iain: To gig as much as possible, get another release out on our Label and an EP for someone else.
Nick: Spend more time on my own material. Research new artists for our label, try and develop the Clandestino sound.


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now? Iain: The opening track, Roommates – Valhala

5) What was the last record you bought? Joe: DJ Heur – Bonheur (Distant Hawaii) / Iain: I’m 99% digital so the last actual record I bought was CARAXES on Kill the DJ / Nick: Bjorn Torske – Rhythm Track

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months? (Include both one of your own and somebody else’s) Joe: Our own: “Panaal”. Someone else’s: Bawrut – “Ciquita” / Iain: All of ours as yet are unreleased tracks 😉 Autarkic – Rotation Rotation (Red Axes Remix / Nick: ‘Wonder’ off our first Clan EP (still available in all good record shops) Emanuelle – Italo Love



7) Favourite way of getting a little wonky? I: All of them / J: I’m too old for that sort of thing. Ahem / N: These days, a pint of mild and a cigarette

8) Secret studio trick ? I: Is secret for a reason… / J: A gentlemen never tells / N: Happy accidents

9)  Favourite mix of Oscillators? I: Square + Square + White Noise /  J: I’m not that clever / N: I’ve gone cross eyed

10) Favourite frequency ? I: Annual / J: 92-95 FM Radio 4 for Desert Island Discs / N: The frequency my 8 month old screams at. Love it.

11) Favourite out of genre music? I: Indie / J: African / N: Turkish

12) Do you fit in or fall out? J: Who wants to fit in? / N: Definitely out

13) What do you see when you look in the mirror? J: An age 39 and ¾ bearded man / I: That I’m still there. / N: Long hair and a beard

14)  Favourite film score? J: The Revenant / I: Blade Runner / N: The Big Blue

15) Smooth or shaven? J: What is this, Operation Yewtree? / N: Bearded always.

16) Future of electronic music? I: Has never looked brighter /  J: In the right hands; exciting as ever. In the wrong hands, truly awful / N: Hopefully underground and a new sub culture will be created.

17)  Blissful ignorance or cruel reality? I: Cruel Reality / J: Blissful reality / N: With Joe on that one

18) Favourite art besides music: J: Literature / I: Painting / N: Design

19) Do you live up to your own expectations: I: If I set them low enough… / J: Sometimes… /  N: Rarely

20) A necessary evil… J: The internet / N: Having to spend time with these two 😉