Sinchi & Friends 007 – The Modernphase


For the 7th Sinchi & Friends mix, we have a special one from our buddy Kali who is celebrating his Birthday today.


1) Who are you?
Hi There! I’m Luis from Gameboyz, although everybody knows me Kali. My main work is an audio engineer recording for Studios Promusica in Badajoz (Extremadura)and I’m a Computer Music Teacher. All this is coupled with Gameboyz, Melómana, Rotten City and Scalectric Music. Every day, I devote time with Melómana label and every hour of my life with the guys Xar lee and Da well – who are like my brothers…
I also manage the publishing campaigns of Rotten City and Scalectric too.
I´m a dj for 15 years ago, father, co-owner of with German MT (my best teacher).

Above all, I am a Music lover or as we say in Spain “Melómano”

2) How would you describe your sound?
My sound? Is really hard to explain. I work in many projects at the same time and I think that I use different sounds, structures and styles depending on the product, I love to remix bands like Avon Guard, Foals and any band that wants to work with me, I accept suggestions. I think Electro is what prevails

3) What are your plans for 2016?
I´m working on my second album but I don’t know if I can finish this year, I hope so! My album will be more Techno and House as I want to get away from this slow style wave and show a new side, really personal.
I will also work on a second remix for Avon Guard for “Parasite” . I´ve also finished my remix for the “Foals” track “Lonely Hunters” too, Night Noise will be releasing the remix really soon, stay tuned.

Finally, I entered the Night Noise Agency Based Amsterdam on 2016 and they have my best wishes for the team with Mark Cooper, FLVN, Sinchi and many others.


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

Good and hard question… I have many tracks in mind but I choose Taser Revelations by Adam Stafford.

5) What was the last record you bought?

Hahaha that I remember…

The last 12” Record was Coburn Album Sampler Part 1, I think. Maybe Justice The cross… Sorry… When the digital format, my space, blogs etc came, I discovered the way of getting old and new music without buying it.

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months? (Include both one of your own and somebody else’s)

My own – Avon Guard – Forget

Other – Rui Maia – Don’t give up on Dreaming…


7) Late nights or early mornings? Both. One without the other…

8) Baggy or slim? Slim

9) Secret studio trick? Work in the music, not technology. Look up the meaning of the music…

10) Favourite frequency ? 60hz

11) Favourite writer / poet ? German MT

12) Favorite film score? La Naranja Mecánica (A Clockwork Orange)

13) Future of electronic music? Kill The loop

14) A god(s)? Raymond Kurzweil

15) Ultimate aspiration in life?

Be optimistic, positive and realistic – Emilio Duró