PREMIERE – Yasha F – Relampago (Theus Mago Remix) (Musica Cavernicola)

Musica Cavernicola continues to be faithful to its purpose of discovering music that is born from the awakening of the subconscious part of the primitive being. . And its seventh release, the EP “Relampago” by the Russian producer Yasha F, shows exactly that.

The release begins with Theus Mago’s remix of the original track “Relampago”. The Mexican producer, who owns the label DURO and is also known as Bufi, shows his latent talent in this remix through his incredible skill for creating tracks full of personality. Latin and organic rhythms accompanied by crazy synths that remind us of post-funk. An incredible and risky mix that results in a beautiful remix.

The EP continues with the original track “Relampago”. Yasha F presents a track full of character, seriousness, and an accumulation of energy.,ts marked bass line is perfectly combined with the growing prominence of the synth, taking the listener on a journey to the climax.

The original track “Visualize” takes over. This time the Russian producer presents a song with a fun, 80s groove accompanied by an elegant and happy harmony in constant progression. Don’t miss the various funk melodies that give it its unique character.

Release Date: 15/03/2021

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