PREMIERE – Rotciv -That’s a Lie (Funnuvojere)

Rotciv is the Brasilian born, Berlin based man behind Mister Mistery records. This prolific producer has been out there for some time and you might remember “The Rimshooters”, the long lasting collaboration with Massimiliano Pagliara himself.

Now it is time for Rotciv to offer a piece of his craftsmanship to Funnuvojere Records with this five tracker EP. From piano house arpeggios and acid tinged trance to organic feeling drums, New beat and disco touches.

Whilst the B2 ‘Thats a Lie’ creates a dark and slightly eerie landscape with some beautiful synth work and vocals littered throughout, which create an absorbing piece of music.

Release Date – 17/06/19

Grab your copy here