PREMIERE – Richard Rossa – Phanteon (Mijo Remix) (Tom Tom Disco)

Tom Tom Disco kicks off the new year with an EP from label founder Richard Rossa. In their own words an ‘Earth based label for spaced out people’.  Based in Stockholm but inspired with culture all around the world, recent releases have seen an Italian Guxi EP inspired by his fathers journey into Papua New Guinea and felly countryman Frank Agrario with a Middle Eastern inspired theme.

Rossa’s ‘Phantom’ EP features 2 originals and 3 remixes from some of the hottest talent from Mexico Leonor, Theus Mago and Mijo.

The latter takes on ‘Phanteon’ and creates a layered trip with a steady but driving beat which  induces a trance like state.

Release Date – 01/02/19

Grab your copy here