PREMIERE – Renato Cohen – Lone Ranger (Pets Recordings)

It’s 2020, the dusty plain spreads out before you. Nothing but sand, cactus plants and a bottle of good old red eye are all you have for company. Then you hear the shots. They’re fired with such flare they can only be from one man… Renato Cohen AKA the ‘Lone Ranger’,

He fires in such a way you can’t help but move your feet. Then you move your hips. Then your head. Then your heart. You’re in funky town now and Renato’s the mayor. He leads with the disco bubbles and slinky restrained funk of ‘Lone Ranger’ before moving on to the heavier weaponry; the cowbell riddled, hoover-rattled stomper ‘Deocleciana’ and the bass line plunging, deep funk hustling swagger of ‘Bismuth’.

Completing the package is a remix from Jennifer Cardini on ‘Bismuth’. Ramping up the energy with a precision arpeggio bass line and injecting an entirely different sense of uplift with a lavish synth melody,.

Release Date – 27/03/20

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