PREMIERE – Ravage Sentimental – Finnberget (C.A.R. Remix) (Paradise Children)

Run by the French-Argentinian duo LuLúxpo and based in Barcelona since 2017, Paradise Children Records continue their incursion into releasing music that constantly breaks genre barriers. Under the moniker Ravage Sentimental, singer, producer and early 90’s French DJ Miloch ’s sibling Anna Masurel lines up her sultry ‘Finnberget’ release. With an all female cast it comprises of two original moody indie dance tracks and two electronica-infused remixes by C.A.R. and Justine.

Title track ‘Finnberget’ unveils an intimate world outlined by the artist’s soft spoken lyrics. The hypnotic melody perches along a whirlwind bassline, while broody vocals add layers of mystery and magic.

On remix duties for this track is electronic off-pop producer C.A.R. who reconstructs the melody into a provocative and stimulating arrangement which really hits the spot.

Release Date – 21/01/20

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