PREMIERE -Radiant Futur – Escape From The Endless Vessel (Mystictrax Multiverse)

Radiant Futur the crazy foley artist and analog electronic live performer, known from the legendary CXEMA parties and Boiler Room sets serves up electro acid jam  ‘Escape From The Endless Vessel’.

Out on 1st of November on Mystictrax Multiverse: on the boundaries of fantasy,
heroes of the compilation defend the right of humanity to have fun with their sound
and speed superpowers.

Other artists on the release include TRS KZK, Radiant Futur, Peshka, Roma Khropko, Kiddmisha, Smezkh, Lostlojic, Clasps, Incorrect Waves, Bodro, Luschn, Sweetyspot, Raavel, Loweast, Monotronique… Let the battle begin!

Release Date – 01/11/21

Grab your copy here