PREMIERE – Radeckt – Invisible-Guard (TAU)

Radeckt is back with his debut solo EP. The Danish producer specializes in emotionally-driven club music, designed to spark inspiration and moments of contemplation. The dance floor is a safe space for free expression, human interaction, and catharsis… Radeckt’s music is the perfect accompaniment to these channels of the connection while encouraging you to dance.

On the Corroded Mind EP, we get four original cuts, all of which encapsulate Radeckt’s penchant for music that moves the soul…

We are delighted to premiere ‘Invisible Guard’ with its oscillating bass and simple, yet highly effective riff. Radeckt confidently applies the pressure, carefully increasing the tension until we reach a scintillating breakdown which takes us into the glorious second half.

Release Date: 22/01/2021

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