PREMIERE – Psycho Weazel – Alegria Nervosa (Club Mix) (Argent Sale)

Swiss duo Psycho Weazel return to their Argent Sale imprint with a cosmic single entitled ‘Alegria Nervosa’.

The story of Psycho Weazel is that of a musical thunderbolt between two sensitive guys who produce from their studio nestled on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel. These two young guys with an already mature taste, come off the back of their ‘Race/Stracciatella’ release that picked up support from names such as Laurent Garnier, Jennifer Cardini, Avalon Emerson, Perel and many more established names.

‘Alegria Nervosa’ is an enticing chugging track with revolving synth flutters, inviting vocals fused harmoniously with new-wave inspired melodies and vibrant eccentricity that keeps the euphoric atmospheres flowing through till the end.

Release Date – 26/06/20

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