PREMIERE – Zillas On Acid – You You You You (Black Merlin Remix)(Inside Out Records)

Zillas on Acid make their Inside Out Records debut with an EP showered in hope for a better summer. “A Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club” is certain to become a favourite for the dancefloors, joined closely by “Not Really”, thanks to the latter’s addictive acid hook and vocals. The genius Fantastic Twins breaks from working on her own projects to morph “Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club” into a psychedelic, magical journey. “You You You You” has the more trademark Zillas hypnotic groove, with Black Merlin warping its vocals and bending the track into a darker, more ambient 10-minute re-creation. We hope you enjoy this release that sees some of our favourite artists joining the label.

Release Date:07/05/2021

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