PREMIERE – Voodoos & Taboos – Unconditional Love (Bordello A Parigi)

Voodoos and Taboos first appeared in 2019. A mysterious outfit, their melting pot sound immediately caught the ears of the faithful; acid cut with house, electro beats shot through with a punk D.I.Y. attitude. Their escapades didn’t miss us here at Bordello. Reversible Dreams collects four examples of this chameleon club style that Voodoos and Taboos have cultivated, the EP opening with the title piece. Cascading chords and whispered samples give way to rich bass strings as a playful piano melody transforms into squirming acid beams. Claps and neat notes introduce “Unconditional Love”, vocoder lyrics mingling with spoken word and juddering space TB303 squawk. The flip adopts a darker hue. Off-kilter bars and stern beats introduce “Animae”, alien electro melodies descend as a fizzing late night energy takes hold. BPMs drop for “Destino Lontano.” Warm basslines and Eastern scented synth-play weave their way through the piece, delicate strings and dawn sunshine leading to a close.

Release Date: 22/12/2023

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