PREMIERE – Vasco Ispirian – Ohdee (Collateral Series)

Fata Morgana’s concept draws from Ispirian ́s live sets in the USA. Then, back in Europe, Vasco refined his performance and the live takes were finally mixed and mastered in Madrid. The project sees the light in 2023, after the global impasse the world went through, as a two EP instalment: Fata Morgana I & II. Fata Morgana’s second instalment is a 4 track EP that kicks off with a bass-driven cinematic promise (Ohdee) which unfolds in titillating layers, crafting a superb lushness and building up momentum (Flashing on Flushing) and then, fiery reaching climax in a vague, abstract electronic background (Escape into the Sunset) only to usher the shape-shifter (My Pleasure), an edgy alt-ambient closer with a grounding dialogue on pleasure and pain which is Ispirian’s reflective statement.

Release Date; 24/06/2024