PREMIERE – Vaälha – Laser Shooting (Club Mackan)

We begin our retro futuristic journey into 2024 with a brilliant EP by french DJ and producer Vaälha. Through dark soundscapes, mean synthesizers and heavy percussion, this Odyssey will make you feel like the main character in any sci-fi movie exploring the vast unknown space or an alien planet far from home.To make this journey a little safer, we brought along three talented producers; Panthera, My Secret Playground and Austher, to guide us through eventual parallel dimensions and alternate realities.With their own interpretations of what an ‘Odyssey’ could be like, Panthera opted for what we think is a modern EBM interpretation of reality. While this reality may seem like a stripped off version of reality, don’t be fooled! There’s an intricate amount of detail waiting to be explored.My Secret Playground turned ‘Laser Shooting’ into an acid trip, exploring possible and parallel dimensions which seems both creepy and hauntingly beautiful, by adding additional melodies to the original.Austher turned ‘Clear Mind’ into a real powerhouse. A very adventurous powerhouse that despite all the power, feels somewhat more optimistic. If there was any fuel missing in the tank, it’s because Austher’s version used up all of it.

Release Date: 15/02/2024

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