PREMIERE – V – Confusion (Nautilus Rising)

Nautilus Rising flick the V’s once again as Lithuanian don Vidis Čepkauskas returns to the Glasgow fold. Just like his ‘Faux Pas’ EP in 2017, once again, it’s a rich weave of ideas and tempers and textures…

A suite just as much as an EP, V presents ‘Confusion’ in three clear chapters: the strident, synth-swathed dubby disco lead cut that works perfectly as a transition from light to dark at any stage of the night; the much more spacious and anthemic ‘Confusion Totale’ raises the bar higher with sinewy acid and crisp breakbeats before ‘Confusion Finale’ concludes the tale with poignancy. Near beatless, wrapped snugly in a shoegaze sheen and led with crisp early 80s guitars, it’s the perfect farewell.

A narrative and a maze of emotions to navigate with attention to detail paid to every leg of the journey: but we’d expect nothing less from the man behind Le Temps Perdu Records and world-renowned Opium Club in Vilnius. There’s no confusion here, only ‘Confusion’ itself.

Release Dates -04/10/19 (Vinyl) and 18/10/19 (Digital)

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