PREMIERE – Theus Mago & Tyu (feat. Livia) – Piel De Oso (Duro)

Duro starts the year by the bonfire with “Piel de Oso”, the first collaboration between two beloved in-house artists, Theus Mago & Tyu, and the Spanish rapper, Livia. The cut is abetted by two remixes, the first one comes from Israelis sidereal groovers, Rina X Benji. The second one by the loco weed brothers, Moisees & ZEA, a saiko rebajado track.

The opener is the original cut, an opiate and hypnotic track where Livia’s flow is diluted with spirited Latin percussions, a bouncy bass, recondite and baffling melodies creating shadows between fire and smoke. Fresh from smashing the dancefloors across the globe with the genius Switchdance collaboration named “Reak”, Rina comes back to Duro alongside Benji. Cut where the duo accelerate the rhythm, creating a percussive and dreamlike night journey where animals and machines dance to the rhythm of drums and flames.

At dawn is the version shaped by ZEA and Moisees, a cut with vocals distorted, taking Livia’s voice to a Voodoo and wild spectrum. A wide bass line, accompanied by astral synthesizers, arcane melodies and acid sounds.

Release Date: 21/01/2022

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