PREMIERE – Theus Mago & Mijo – Ustedes Los Ricos (Mytron Remix) (Duro)

The latest release in Duro ‘Pebbles Mind Horrors’ comes straight from beyond the grave. Two old Mijo & Theus Mago collaborations are resurrected after 5 years of burial in the cemetery of Ableton projects (Los Ricos, Los Pobres) plus a brand new addition (Pebbles) make this EP a powerful tool for the dance-floor revival.

‘Ustedes Los Ricos’ is inspired by the ‘golden age’ of Mexican cinema,  narcotic and deep cut of dystopian techno. In the remix side, to take it even further to the limit, there is a raw, devastating and malevolent cut by the Multi-Culti sorcerer, Mytron.

Release Date – 16/04/21

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