PREMIERE – The Thief Of Time – Imposter Syndrome feat. Bay Bryan (Sprechen Music)

A life and a love of electronic music make up the debut release by The Thief Of Time. A new project by Sprechen’s very own Chris Massey which has seen him draw in influences collected over the years from film soundtracks, bands of his youth and contemporary peers to create a persona where his own personal life experiences (up & down) have been relayed & channeled in the studio to create something that is part 80s noir film soundtrack, part tasteful dance and part soundscape.

Imposter Syndrome is the first single from the upcoming album and is a hypnotic & endearing electronica trip into the mind of perceived fraudulence. Ghostly synth sounds wrap around a hooky guitar line and reverb soaked percussion all in the mix with a truly stunning guest vocal from singer songwriter Bay Bryan and a lead vocal by Massey giving an honest, poetic yet psychedelic account into a mindset of fear, anxiety & questions of self belief.

Release Date: 01/06/2023

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