PREMIERE – The Squirrel Effect – Rango (Coquelicot Records)

French Label Coquelicot Records is back with a top quality EP ‘ Scurius’ from fellow Parisian’s The Squirrel Effect  aka Benjamin Touchard and Julian Marty. With 5 oscillating tracks between Techno and Deep House.

Track 1 ‘Rango’ tees the EP nicely with echoey vocals which as the track unfolds, carry you into a world of magical mystery.

And if you were wondering where the artists name came from….

Baron Helmut Van Zimmel and Signore della Balena Scarlatto meet at a fencing tournament in Macedonia. This hard-fought duel was stopped only by the fortuitous presence of a family of squirrels in search of nuts. This had the immediate effect of sealing the fight, and giving birth to a strong friendship, extending into groove and music.

Release Date – 26th April

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